Worst Superhero Movies Made

Time for another list.  Given the release of so many superhero movies this summer, I have decided to make this month’s list about the worst superhero movies released to the big screen.  Not included are movies I have not seen or movies released only to TV and video — that means movies like Underdog escaped my wrath…

Run away from the following:

6.  X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Probably the least offensive in this group.  Fox drove this franchise into the ground by not letting Singer complete his vision.  Instead, Singer leaves to do a mediocre Superman movie, and all of the good things the series produced is wiped away.  One can only hope that the Wolverine movie is treated better…

5.  Superman III (1983)

Spaldy is already shaking her head since this is one of her favorite Superman movies.  It does have some enjoyable moments, but overall, it was a big dropoff from what was delivered in the first two Superman movies…

4.  Elektra (2005)

What a waste of actors.  Basically, it wa as if a bunch of executives said, “How can we get Jennifer Garner to wear skin tight clothes for two hours?  Story?  We don’t need no stinking story…”

3.  Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Poor Christopher Reeve — he wanted to make a movie with Superman that showed how we all could be super.  Unfortunately we got a mess of celluloid that is painful to watch…

2.  Zoom (2006)

A Tim Allen vehicle about an aging superhero brought in to train a new team.  Awful, even for kids.

1.  Batman and Robin (1997)

Joel Schumaker, how I loathe thee.  Your destruction of this version of the franchise was complete with the release of this movie.  Bane, one of the greatest print villains, reduced to DUMB SIDE KICK?!??!?!? This is the best example of what happens when a genre-specific movie is made by someone with no understanding or love of the genre is put in charge.

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