Time Flies, and All That Jazz

Hello faithful readers, if any of you are left.  I know it seems like I abandoned all of you and let this site wither away.  The truth is that life got in the way, as it does for many people’s creative efforts.

That said, like the phoenix rising, so shall this site once again.

To what do I credit this resurgence and interest to revie the sites?

My friends over at The Reasons I’m Broke podcast.

I met Daniel during the time frame that I was visiting one of the local comic shops and had different discussions with him over the years.  He started up a podcast and then started a Patreon to help fund his passion.  I was (and still am) happy to give him $5 a month towards bringing his podcast to life.

One of the perks to being a Patreon for his podcast is access to a private Discord server where various topics similar to what he covers on the podcast are discussed and heavily debated.  During one of these discussions, I mentioned this haven of movie reviews and thoughts.  Imagine my surprise when I heard Daniel not only give me a Patreon shout-out and thanks for support, but he also started discussing this site.  He talked about the Movie-Goer’s Bill Of Rights and added some food for thought for me to add.

Well, now that it has been thrown out there over the airwaves, how could I in good conscience let the site go fallow any longer?

I couldn’t — which is why it is coming back.

While I don’t get to the theaters as much anymore, I still have thoughts on movies and related items.  I will continue to review things I have watched, offer editorials as I feel the need, and in general just continue to add opinions to an already crowded Internet.

As a final note, since Daniel sparked this rebirth, it is only fair I give you ways to enjoy his offerings.

The mothership website is The Reasons I’m Broke Podcast .

If you want to support him via Patreon, feel free to visit The Reasons I’m Broke Patreon and join in the fun.


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