Due Date

Ever since the days of Hope and Crosby, moviegoers have been suckers for the “buddy comedy.”  We gladly went with the duo on their many adventures in the “Road” pictures, but soon we wanted something different, but the same.  Enter Martin and Lewis, who remind us of the days of Laurel and Hardy.  Over the years, we see the group expand and contract, but one constant has remained as a thread from the “Road” pictures to Smokey & The Bandit to Midnight Run to Eurotrip to Harold & Kumar Go To The White Castle – get from point A to point B while encountering as many absurd roadblocks as possible.

So here is our latest entry – Due Date.

Due Date is the story of an uptight business man (Robert Downey, Jr.) who encounters a free-spirit actor (Zach Galifinakis) while trying to get home in time for the birth of his baby.  What follows is supposed to be a road trip filled with absurdity and laughter.  Unfortunately, much of this was covered specifically with Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Tommy Boy.  There are funny moments, but not enough to call it a decent plot.  Unlike the other movies I have named in this review, Due Date is filled with forgettable moments.  Most people will have forgotten this movie exists within the next 5 years.

My advice:  Dollar theater or matinee – I was glad I did not pay full price for this one…

due date

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