As a guy, I have a deep, dark secret…

One that I is sure to have people look at me as if I was some horrible person…

I do not like Angelina Jolie.

There, I said it and the world did not stop spinning.  While I know she has a lot of fans based on her acting, and even more based on her looks, she has not really impressed me with either.  The only two movies I have liked with her in them have been Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow; and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  So it was no surprise that when I saw the trailer for Salt, that I was not interested.  Rich, to his credit, kept trying to talk me into seeing it, but I was resistant.

So I found myself leaving work on a Wednesday and wanting to see a movie.  After looking over the times, the only movie playing that seemed remotely interesting was Salt.  So, I bought my ticket and headed in.

Salt is about a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt.  A defector comes in and accuses her of planning to murder an important Russian diplomat.  What follows is a tightly-scripted/filmed cat-and-mouse game where nothing is as it seems.  As I watched it, I was reminded of the 80s flick, No Way Out, where Kevin Costner was in a similar plot.  I soon forgot I was watching Angelina Jolie on-screen and got more invested in the story.

My advice:  worth full price; I actually saw it twice – I just hope they do not do a sequel, even though the door was left open…

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