Musical Memory for 9/5 – 9/11

Over the years, I have made mention of how important I feel music is to movies.  Play the wrong song at the wrong time and you could end up with some of cinema’s greatest scenes never existing.  Since I have tied those together so much, I find myself flashing instantly on certain scenes from movies whenever I hear certain songs.

As a new feature, I will periodically post a new entry in this category.  Now, I am ruling out traditional musicals, such as Chicago, Grease, and The Sound of Music; non-traditional musicals, such as Footloose and Empire Records, are allowed.  Take a look at my entry and feel free to share yours….

My first selection comes from Grosse Pointe Blank.  For those that have not seen the movie, it involves a hitman going to his 10-year high school reunion.  At one point during the reunion, John Cusack is holding a baby and Queen’s “Under Pressure” begins playing.  At the height of the song, Cusack comes to terms with certain things.  Great moment visually.

So, whenever I hear “Under Pressure,” I think of Grosse Pointe Blank….

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