SAG Awards

If you televised an awards show and nobody watched, would movie studios strike outside?

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) had their annual awards dinner to honor actors and casts for movies and television.  TNT and TBS aired the show simultaneously, with TNT reairing it 2 hours later.  I wish I could say it was fun to watch, but it was somewhat boring.  Here were the highlights:

  • Betty White – Much like Scorsese at the Golden Globes, Betty White showed us how to make a speech.  You could see her passion and love for her craft.  As she said, she is 88 years old; it will be a sad day when she passes away.
  • Alec Baldwin – This has nothing to do with his speech or award.  During the time he was on stage, I kept flashing on the scene in Team America where they had Baldwin addressing FAG (Film Actors Guild).

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