Golden Globes

Well, I just finished watching the Golden Globes on DVR.  While it had moments, it didn’t seem to have all of the zaniness of past years.  Ricky Gervais did a decent job of hosting, but I kept expecting more from him.  He had some good lines and setups to introduce the presenters.  I was disappointed to see the Globes play it safe and pick Avatar for Best Picture.  Just from the clips shown, all of the other nominees were more deserving.

For me, the highlight was the honoring of Martin Scorsese.  Here is a man whose films I have enjoyed time and again, while marveling at what he brings to light on the screen.  Yet, to hear him talk passionately about the movies made me wonder if he had a bug planted at my table at the Ale House last night when I was saying very similar things to a friend of mine about how I felt about movies.  That entire 15-20 minute tribute/acceptance section made the show for me.

Here’s hoping Oscar realizes that there were many movies out there that were better than Avatar….

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