Superman Batman – Public Enemies

Over the past year or so, I have been rather effusive with my praise for DC Comics and Warner Brothers for understanding how to make animated movies and keeping the quality up.  So here I am again with a review of yet another offering from the DC Animated Universe.

Our story is based on the popular graphic novel of the same name, which is really the first 5-8 issues of the Superman-Batman comic book series.  Lex Luthor is President and has turned public sentiment against those superheroes that “refuse” to swear an oath of loyalty to him…err….the US. A subplot deals with the approach of a huge kryptonite meteor.  What follows is a story with a good beginning, okay middle, and, sadly, poor ending.  My first warning sign was the running time of 67 minutes, just over the amount of time for two episodes of Justice League.  I liked where the story was going and then it was bam!!  In the final 15 minutes, everything that had been set up was completely resolved with little effort.  The last time I felt this dissatisfied with a DC movie was when I watched Superman:Doomsday.  Neither movie did anything to wow me…

I bought the Blu-Ray version, so I can not review the added features.  I watched this via the digital copy provided.

My advice:  Good enough to kill time, but do not expect the level of goodness that you get from Green Lantern: First Flight or Justice League: The New Frontier….

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