I should know better by now….

Whenever Rich and I decide to meet up for a movie, the ones I pick end up being better than the ones he picks.  This is particularly true when I pick one movie and we change to his choice at the last minute.  This happened a couple of weeks ago when meeting at The Plaza Cinema Cafe for a cheap movie.  He decided he wanted to see Pandorum, admitted that it would be awful, and yet I still agreed to see it.

Imagine a spacecraft….drifting in space…..with the crew in hypersleep.  Something wakes them up and they realize things have gone horribly wrong.  If this sounds familiar, then you are correct.  I just described Alien from 1979, which also applies to this movie.  What follows is a convoluted mess that involves mind games and boogey men.  Even Dennis Quaid couldn’t save this movie…

My advice: Never let Rich pick movies, and skip this one completely…

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