The Ugly Truth

The curse of any actor is to become “typecast.”  Do too many of the same type of role or the same character, and you end up not being able to do anything else.  Katherine Heigl is in serious danger of being typecast.  Her last two movies involve her being a single woman not able to find a guy and then screwing it up when she does find one.  27 Dresses was the first one, and The Ugly Truth is the second.

Heigl plays a morning show producer who can manage everyone’s crises but her own.  Along comes Gerard Butler who predictably turns her world and thoughts of men and women upside down.  What follows is a 1 1/2 hour serving of cotton candy, leaving you wondering why you went to see this in the first place.  Heigl has an unapproachable look about her that follows from role to role, making it hard for me to believe that she could be anything but an “ice princess”.  Yes, there are a couple of laughs, but ultimately not worth the time to sit through.

My advice:  wait for cable – even women jonesing for a rom-com will be left wanting….

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