Green Lantern: First Flight

It’s funny how Warners and DC are making me feel déjà vu.  If you check out my review of Wonder Woman, the last offering, you can just insert the first paragraph.  So let’s go the personal route…

Growing up, I had 5 superheroes that I identified with:

  • Thor – Blonde hair and strength with a cool hammer
  • Hulk – Strong, but scary temper that could not be controlled
  • Spiderman – Brainy nerd becomes a hero to all
  • Batman – Able to do anything he wanted without any extra powers
  • Green Lantern

What I liked about Green Lantern is that, while he had a power ring, it was his will-power that made things happen.  By having the will to overcome any problem is how one becomes super.

First Flight is an origin story that follows the comic storyline fairly well.  An alien crash-lands on Earth and is found by Hal Jordan, a test pilot.  A ring changes hands and Jordan finds himself the protector of our universe.  What follows is Jordan’s introduction to OA, the Green Lantern Corps, and of course, Sinestro.  What I liked most is that this became an origin story of two characters, GL and Sinestro, as well as how their relationship changed forever.  it reminded me of how I felt when I found the comic book storyline of how Superman and Lex Luthor first met.

As with all DC/Warner efforts, the voice-casting and art is spot on.  I bought the Blu-Ray version, so I can not review the added features.  I watched this via the digital copy provided.

My advice: Watch a great origin story, even on the Blackest Night….

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