Public Enemies

There are some genres that audiences will flock to, regardless of how many movies Hollywood makes.  For me, one of those genres is the mobster/gangster movie.  Throw in Johnny Depp and it is a good bet I will check it out.

Public Enemies is based on John Dillinger’s adult life.  When it starts, we see him at the peak of his bank-robbing days.  What follows is a fairly decent movie that tracks his tragic fall.  The movie has a gritty look and you feel rooted in reality.  The only downside is that the pacing was a bit slow at times.  The casting was good and the story delivered on its promises.

My advice:  Check it out one afternoon during a matinee – it is not the typical summer action flick…

The Brothers Bloom

Lisa wrote a good review of this movie back in May (check it out), and I agree with a lot of the points she has.

Overall, I liked this movie and had fun watching it.  Adrien Brody was brooding and emo as ever, but it was Mark Ruffalo’s performance I enjoyed the most.  For once, he was not the “nice guy next door”.  He and Bang Bang made the movie fun amidst some heavier storylines.

My advice:  Check it out when it hits DVD – which should be soon…