No matter how hard we try, there are some movies that you just never get a chance to see on the big screen.  Of course, in this age of DVD/Blu-Ray, you do not have to wait too long to catch up.  Such was my experience with Fanboys.

The movie centers around a group of friends a few years removed from high school in 1998.  They have one desire: to see an advance copy of the new Star Wars movie 6 months in advance.  What follows is your typical road-trip high-jinks mixed with some really good story/character development.  You find out that each character has a deeper motivation for seeing the movie that drives them to finish the road trip.  By the end of the movie, not only have you gotten a good comedy, but one heck of a great story.

The casting was great.  The use of Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) as the female lead nerd was brilliant, particularly in the Princess Leia bikini.  Seth Rogen in three different roles; Shatner; the list goes on.  The great thing about the “named” stars is how they committed to this like it was a big-budget feature.

The DVD has the usual features: commentaries, deleted scenes, and gag reels.  All of the extras are worth checking out.

My advice:  give this one a spin – you will enjoy the references to Star Wars and many other pop culture items…

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