Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Sometimes I wonder why studios can’t be happy with a successful movie that ends with just the first movie.  Then I get a clue and remember that this is show business, which means squeeze every last penny you can from anything remotely successful and repackage the rest.  When Night at the Museum came out, I enjoyed it, but felt it was a one-shot deal.  Definitely a decent family movie, but that was about it.  Then I heard they were making a sequel…

So, in the midst of Star Trek mania and Terminator frenzy, the latest entry tries to make some waves before Up is released.  I found myself with some time to kill in the afternoon and chose to go check it out at Regal.  it was an average mid-afternoon – nothing too spectacular.

Museum 2 finds us a couple of years removed from the first movie.  Larry (Ben Stiller) has moved on to become a successful inventor of “made for TV” products and no longer working for the museum.  He is saddened to discover that the exhibits are being dismantled and sent to the Smithsonian…..but not all of them.  He follows the exhibits to Washington, where the tablet begins its work hijinks ensue.  Amy Adams is the love interest and does a great take on the speaking style of the 20s.  Hank Azaria leads a cast of supporting characters that have fun.  Of course, the ending is predictable, but you knew that before buying a ticket.

My advice:  dollar theater or DVD – not necessarily a big-screen feature, but better than some other choices, particularly for the family…

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