The Godfather Video Game

One of the new areas of reviews includes looking at video games based on movies.  First up is a selection that allows to run your own “family.”

The Godfather is a classic movie and has many plot points that can make fun video game scenes.  Rather than just recreate them, the makers actually filled around them with new scenes just as riveting.  You follow a script/goal-based game plan, but it also allows you the freedom to do your own thing.  You extort businesses and take over rival families to assume control of New York.

When I first got the game, it was used and $14.99 – what a bargain.  I have gotten many hours of enjoyment from the game and have enjoyed the extras and the care that went into it.  Even the movie clips look good.  The character controls are fairly coordinated without needing 15-button combos.  The version I have runs on PS2, but it is also available on Xbox and PC.

My advice: give this one a spin and enjoy a low-tech first-person shooter…unless you just like sleeping with the fishes….

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