The Godfather Trilogy

I know – it seems a bit foolish to write a review about this set of films, so this entry will be brief.

While people love the first two movies, most were disappointed with the third one.  While I agree that it is the weakest of the three movies, it is still a powerful entry in this saga.  The weakest part of the movie is Sofia Coppola’s attempt to play the part of Michael Corleone’s daughter.  While not the worst performance, it was noticeably bad with all of the acting firepower on-screen.

The set I have on DVD was a 5-disc set that had Coppola’s heart and soul poured into it.  The movies looked beautiful and sounded great in 5.1.  The 5th disc had the stitch scenes used to recut the first two movies into the chronological-order miniseries aired on ABC in 1978.  The family tree showing how all of the characters relate is a cool graphic.

My advice: Is this really an offer you can refuse? Because once the Don has been refused one request, he doesn’t make a second one…

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