Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves: Extended Edition

Some movies conjure up images of badness with the mere mention of their titles; others, guffaws.  This is one of those movies that does both.

We all know the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.  This is a slightly different take on the story that, after allowing time to pass, is not as bad as everyone thinks.   More than anything the movie is a victim of bad casting for the lead role.  I think we can all agree that Kevin Costner was wrong for the role; well, maybe not Costner, but he is an egotistical idiot.  The actors in the other roles were great choices, but one stands above all others.  Alan Rickman, not far removed from Die Hard, turns in another brilliant performance as the villain and almost single-handedly saves the movie from itself.

The extended edition includes three scenes that better explain the connection of the witch to the Sherriff and allows Rickman to really shine.  Had they been left in, the movie would have actually been better upon first viewing.  While over 2 hours, the movie is enjoyable from a scenery standpoint and a general adventure standpoint.

The 2-disc set also includes multiple features and press junkets.  What stands out from the press junkets is how much of Costner’s “worship me” attitude is visible to the audience.  If not for that attitude, the movie gets a better reception at the box office and on video.

My advice:  Put aside your hatred of Costner as Robin Hood and check out a fairly decent romp through Sherwood Forest – but only if you have the extended edition…

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