Lego Star Wars II

Continuing the Lego kick, Tt Games gave us what we really wanted with its second release: the Original Trilogy in the Legoverse.  Tt continued with the humor, unique challenges, basic gameplay from the first game and improved everything.  The awkwardness I felt from the first game was not there in this one as a lot of the controls were refined.  Added to the game was the ability to build your character, such as Darth Yoda or C3-Chewie.  You could mix and match body parts of all of the characters to create one bad-ass character that could do everything.  Easter Egg challenges were also added, such as Jabba the Hut using you as a Bounty Hunter to revisit some of the levels in a timed effort to capture certain characters.

This was released on GameCube, PS2, Xbox, and PC – I played it on the GameCube.

My advice:  If you only get one Lego Star Wars game, make it this one – blows the first one out of the water.

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