Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

After a fun meal with Lisa, I found myself wanting to see a movie.  Regal Winter Park, which I was close to, had a midnight showing of Angels & Demons, but it was 8 PM.  Looking at the times, I could either see Star Trek a fourth time or go to something I hadn’t seen.  I chose the latter, not having high hopes.  I killed an hour at Borders and then wandered over to the theater.  I settled in with my drink as the first person in the theater.  A few couples showed up, including one that sat right behind me and started taking phone calls.  After a few looks from me, they left.

The movie is what happens when studios combine two guaranteed moneymakers: anything Christmas-Carol related and romantic comedies.  Matthew McConaughey plays the “Scrooge” in need of saving, which is good because it allows him to play the jerk.  Given the press surrounding this guy for years, it is no surprise that he appeared comfortable in the role.  Jennifer Garner plays the role of the “one that got away”  Unfortunately she does not have much chemistry with the lead, much like many of her past movies.  It is a shame, but she seems so rigid in all of her roles.  The supporting characters are well-cast, including our “Marley,” Michael Douglas.  The movie follows a predictable course and has just enough laughs to keep you from giving up on it.

My advice:  wait for cable or DVD – this one does not need the theatrical treatment…

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