More than the announcement of a director or a cast, the trailer for a movie will often have more direct impact on how people will perceive a movie long before any critics get to screen it.  Some movies turned out to be great, but had horrible trailers.  Unfortunately, the reverse is the more common tale: a great trailer hides a bad movie.  Even worse is the case where a trailer makes you think a movie is about X when really it is about ABC.  The trailer for Adventureland falls into this latter category.

Lisa and I found ourselves wanting food and a movie.  Food was a fairly easy decision, but should have been an omen to how things would turn out: we wanted BBQ, but it was closed on Easter – so we had Chinese.  While eating, we debated whether to see Adventureland or Observe and Report.  We chose Adventureland because we thought it would be more light-hearted than Seth Rogen’s dark, bipolar character.  Heather agreed to meet us at the Regal Winter Park, so off we went…

The movie centers around a young man just graduated from college whose financial options have dried up.  To even think about grad school, he must get a summer job at the local theme park (filmed on location in Pittsburgh, as Heather was happy to point out).  Typical plot points evolve: a love interest that is not easily attainable, the “hot” girl that everyone wants, the idiot friend.  It is set in 1987, so the soundtrack has a cool vibe.  Ryan Reynolds has a bit part as part of a love triangle.

Story is decent enough and the cast is likeable enough, but overall the movie had that typical indie-feel to it.  Unfortunately, all of the funny bits with Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig had been shown in the trailers.  This is a movie that is more often serious and melancholy than it is funny.  I just wish the marketing department had not tried to sell us something different.  Due to the bad trailer/movie pairing, its box office was hurt even more than it would have from word-of-mouth about an average movie.

My advice:  wait for cable or netflix – dollar theater if you are bored…

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