Sin City

Frank Miller has written some of the best graphic novels over the past 20 years: The Dark Knight Returns, 300, and the Sin City series.  The hallmark of each novel was stunning artwork and a detailed story that grabbed a hold of the reader and would not let go.  After seeing mainstream Marvel and DC characters get big-screen treatments and great reviews, Miller started seeing what he could do to bring some of his work to life.  For his first effort, he was able to land the services of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.  Rodriguez had wanted to put Sin City on the big-screen for many years, but actually filmed a short film to show how it could work.  Miller bought into Rodriguez’s plan after seeing the short (which became the opening for the movie).

Sin City is actually three stories intertwined, similar to Pulp Fiction.  Some characters are in all 3 stories and the stories are not told in chronological order.  The similarities do not stop there.  Much as casting had a significant impact on Pulp Fiction, so did casting have a big impact here.  There are no mistakes in casting and each actor does a great job with the role they have.

Of course, what everyone focuses on is the stunning look of the movie.  filmed as a graphic novel come to life, it set the foundation for 300 and The Spirit with regards to cinematography.  Color is used in the movie to emphasize a mood or event — blood is never shown as red.  There is also little use of the “shaky cam” that seems to be overused these days by directors not skilled enough to shoot actual stunts and fight scenes.

The DVD had little in the way of extras, but I did not have the two-disc set.

My advice:  Grab this one when you are in an action mood and want a stylish, fast-paced movie — if you don’t, that old yellow bastard may come after you…

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