No Way Out

Say what you will about Kevin Costner, but there was a time when he actually made good movies that you wanted to see.  While the 90s and 00s have not been that great for him, he still has the glory of the late 80s.  Between The Untouchables and Bull Durham, he appeared in a thriller with Gene Hackman and Sean Young.  With it coming out in the height of the Cold War, the plot centered around a love triangle and the pursuit of a Russian spy.  I remember coming out of the theater, loving every second of the movie.

The main thing the writer and the director did was keep it simple with a twist.  They focused on the plot points and made sure to make every detail count for something – very few, if any, wasted scenes.  The interesting thing is how well the movie holds up over 20 years later.  Knowing the story does not ruin my enjoyment of it.  It should be noted that the first part of the movie is parodied in Hot Shots, Part Deux.

The DVD only had the trailer as an extra – just a quickie DVD release to have it out there.

My advice:  Grab this one the next time you want a good thriller – Yuri is out there…

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