Hulk Vs.

Over the last couple of years, I have reviewed most of the Marvel Studios animated DVD releases rather favorably.  I was happy with the product coming out and felt that they were taking their time to produce some good animation with a good story.  I skipped over The New Avengers because it looked “kiddie” next to their other fare, as well as being too close in resemblance to PokeMon.  So a year after my last review, I come across an offering that had actually been out for a few months: Hulk Vs.

Hulk Vs. is really two shorter features on one disc, similar to how Disney would package some of its earlier animation for theaters (Fun and Fancy Free).  One feature has the Hulk battling Thor, with the other involving Wolverine.  These features are in the same vein as some of the one-off, throw-away issues Marvel would produce for one of its runs.  Basically a flimsy premise to force two heroes to square off against each other — to be fair, DC has done the same thing.

The Thor feature is the stronger of the features — it is also possible that I preferred this one because I feel that X-Men and Wolverine are overexposed at this point.  Both features had more story than expected, but still revolved around “Hulk Smash.”  The DVD had a behind-the-scenes featurette for each one, but nothing else in the way of extras.

My advice:  Skip this entry and spend the time rewatching one of their earlier offerings…

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