Empire Records

We’ve all done it – found ourselves on a Saturday afternoon, feeling lazy and flipping channels when something catches our eyes and we get hooked in.  Then, over the next couple of years, you end up running across that item again and again.  The first time this happened was with the original Ocean’s 11 and then again with The Rat Pack.  I first discovered Empire Records back in 1996 in this manner and it became one of my go-to “veg” movies for a long time.

The story is fairly simple: a day in the life of the employees of a record store.  With most of them being teenagers, you get the typical teen angst problems interwoven with pining romance.  Casted by the people who brought you Dazed and Confused, Empire Records enjoys the talents of Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler before they shot to super-stardom.  The movie also has a great soundtrack of 90s alternative rock.

My advice:  Give this one a spin; after all, they are open till midnight where Sinead O’Rebellion will shock you with her deviant behavior…

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