The nice thing about seeing bad movies is that you know you will eventually see a good one.  It is this determination that I had when I went to see Taken the day after watching a movie born in hell.

Liam Neeson is the father of a girl who lives with her mother and rich stepfather.  He is also a man who worked for the CIA for many years as an operative.  Neeson quits the CIA in an attempt to be closer to his daughter, but has not been that successful in those attempts.  The daughter comes to him, wanting permission to go to Paris for the summer.  He reluctantly agrees and the movie takes off from there.

After she is kidnapped, Neeson turns into a more-determined version of Mel Gibson’s character from Ransom as he rushes to Paris and begins to dismantle the city.  What follows is a straight-forward action movie with good pacing and mostly realistic events.

My advice:  Worth the full-price ticket — go watch Qui-Gonn handle a gun better than a lightsaber….

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