When Shrek came out, audiences fell in love with the “fractured fairy tale” format after a long absence; after all, it had not been seen in animation since the days of Peabody and Sherman.  This led to movie studios to rush into animation and try to create the next Shrek.  Many of the entries were unforgettable, but one came along 2005 without a lot of fanfare.  Spaldy and I saw it in the theater and enjoyed the spin on a well-known fairy tale.

Hoodwinked is the story of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist.  As we are quick to learn, not everything is as it seems.  Each character has its own take as to how they arrived at Granny’s house and are willing to share with Inspector Flippers, voiced by David Ogden Stiers.  The story is good and benefits from good casting of voices.  I liked the little extras thrown in, such as the homage to the movie “Fletch”.

The DVD has the usual extras — nothing to write home about.

My advice: The next time you are in the mood for an irrevent cartoon, skip Shrek and give Little Red a try…

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