He’s Just Not That Into You

What is it about January and February that movie studios want to avoid releasing anything interesting?

Sunday night found me wrapping up a meal out with friends and wanting to still do something.  It was too late to join a poker tournament, but a movie theater was across the street.  More importantly, it had a movie starting in 5 minutes.

I love trailers and I was hooked into this movie by the trailer.   However, trailers are sometimes evil and hide how bad a movie actually is.

Everything that Love Actually is, this movie isn’t.  It tries to tell 4-5 intertwining stories about love and finding love, but it falls flat.

What does it say when the most likeable, most realistic character in the whole thing is Ben Affleck?  It bodes ill for any romantic movie; after all, he gave us Bounce and Pearl Harbor.

My advice: Not worth watching in any medium, but not necessarily the worst movie I have ever seen…

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