Bride Wars

There is an inherent danger in the combination of having time to kill and liking the look of certain actresses on film.  It is this combo that found me watching Bride Wars one afternoon.

Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson play lifelong friends who grow up focused on having the perfect wedding….

Let me pause for a moment and say “What the hell is being put into baby formula for girls?”  That can only explain the freaking obsession with the fairytale wedding from birth.  Why can’t they just let it be an organic thing versus cramming their ideal down the throat of their husband-to-be????

Thank you for allowing me that outburst since it actually does apply to this movie.

Anyway, the girls end up having their weddings scheduled for the same day and neither will back down.  Predictability ensues and the audience is left with a movie that has less substance than cotton candy.

My advice: Skip it — there are so many better romantic comedies out there that you do not need to waste 2 hours on this one…

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