The Bank Job

From July……

Sometimes life interferes with regular movie-watching — that happened in the spring when this little-advertised movie came out.  Fortunately I found it playing at the dollar-movie theater, so I headed over for an evening of fun.

This movie is based on the events of the mid-70’s that involved a bank robbery in London and a scandal involving the royal family.  Jason Statham plays the main character who is recruited to break into Lloyd’s of London.  He assembles his team and begins the heist.

As with all heist movies, there are twists, turns, double-crosses, and near misses.  I liked the choice the director made in filming the movie in the style of many 70’s action flicks: gritty and unpolished.  He also kept the pacing tight, while allowing for appropriate character development.

My advice: if you missed it on the big screen, check it out on DVD; particulalry if you liked Payback and Ronin…

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