Newly Acquired DVDs for July

In the midst of getting cuaght up on everything, I relaized that I have not updated you guys on my latest DVD acquisitions.

Around the end of June, I was frustrated with the game of poker — cards were good, players were not.  In any case, after leaving a venue, I went to Target to do some grocery shopping.  On sale was the following DVD and it had a bonus DVD.

  • The Grand — A structured improv-based movie by Cheryl Hines surrounding a poker tournament.  Supposedly the outcome of the cards dictated the storylines.
  • Poker for Dummies — Do I really need to make a joke?  As a matter of fact, I challenge you to post your best joke about this (and don’t worry if it makes me look bad)

Then we have the week that “The Dark Knight” came out, which led to a slew of Batman-related items at Best-Buy.

  • Batman Begins — a special box set for Best-Buy that included items from both movies and a cool Bat-logo USB key.
  • Birds of Prey — The complete TV series on DVD.  Aired originally on the WB, it lasted one season.
  • Batman: Gotham Knight — A collection of 6 animated stories relating to Batman’s early career.

To see more details on these acquisitions, check out my collection page by clicking the link in the right-hand column…

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