Nothing like catching up on old reviews…

Flashback to May. Everyone was talking about Iron-Man and hoping Indy would not disappoint. I was a couple of weeks into my layoff and jonesing for some entertainment. Even though I had heard that it wasn’t that good, I wanted to see Leatherheads.

It is a simple movie that attempts to 3 dissimilar audiences: sports fans, period piece fans, and romantic comedy fans. Unfortunately, in trying to please all, it disappointed all.

My biggest beef is with the casting. Individually, great choices; together, not so hot. In order to pull off a love triangle story, the lead actress must have chemistry with the main guy and a little with the other guy. Renee Zellweger, while fun to watch in period pieces, had zero chemistry with George Clooney and Jim Krasinsky; as a matter of fact, the guys had better chemistry with each other. This made it hard for me to believe that they would fight over each other.

The story had potential, but lacked focus. Everything else was fine.


My advice: catch it on cable – fun, but not worth paying for…

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