You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

In the late ’80s, when MTV still played videos, the mammoth network broke up the monotony of each day with a game show called Remote Control.  Besides putting Colin Quinn in everyone’s home each night, the show also had questions/clues delivered by a wacky young kid who did various characters.   Later in the early ’90s, that kid showed up on Saturday Night Live and I learned his name was Adam Sandler.  Over the next few years, Sandler honed his characters with an eye towards the big screen.  His first release, Billy Madison, was a big hit because it came out at a time when audiences loved stupid humor like it and Dumb And Dumber.  He soon followed it up with Happy Gilmore and others.  Each film got better (well, ignore Little Nicky) and smarter with story and humor.

So I was out with a friend and we wanted to see a movie.  Not caring to see anything else at the time, we opted for Zohan and Sandler.  We had to sit extremely close; luckily it was not a movie with handi-cam work.

It is typical Adam Sandler fare: basic thread for a story, various types of humor thrown in and guest stars (Mariah Carey) you would not expect.  As he has for many of Sandler’s movies, Dennis Dugan directed this average piece of entertainment.  For me, it felt like it was only slightly better than Billy Madison, but not as good as Happy Gilmore.

My advice: wait for DVD or cable; if you have to see it in theaters, then wait for the dollar theater…

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