Newly Acquired DVDs

Under the Links area of this blog, I have added a link to my DVD collection housed online.  The program I use is called DVD Profiler and can be downloaded at .  Because I paid the license fee, I do not have pop-up ads on my page.

Anyway, as I get new DVDs, I add them to the list.  I figured I might as well also give an update here in case anybody cared.

So, on Thursday, I found myself at Barnes & Noble where they were having a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” DVD sale.  They were even including TV box sets, but I could not afford those; here is what I got instead:

  • The Princess Bride: 20th Anniversary Edition — I had this originally, but accidentally sold it.  I had to get another copy because I owe one loyal reader a review of it.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang — A fun movie and my third favorite Val Kilmer movie.
  • The Sting: Special Edition — A movie I have always wanted to see and the recent discussions about Paul Newman made it an obvious choice.

I look forward to hearing some of your comments and, if you visit the wishlist link, you now know what to get me for my birthday…

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