Iron Man

My fascination with superhero movies is well-documented, so are any of you surprised that I am reviewing Iron Man?

I thought not…

So what does one do when one finds themselves a part of a massive layoff?  If that person is me, then they go to the movies.  So I hit the 1:30 showing over at Regal Waterford Lakes after lunch with Rich.  Although I would have preferred AMC for this movie, Regal was right there without a big line.

As the movie started, I did have a nagging worry — had I hyped this movie up in my head too much?

No — I had not hyped it enough.

As disappointed as I was in the movies May 2007 delivered, Iron Man made up for that disappointment.  Robert Downey, Jr., was a perfect choice for Tony Stark.  Just as many can not imagine anyone other than Christopher Reeve as Superman or Patrick Stewart as Professor X, I can not imagine anyone else being Tony Stark.  Gwyneth Paltrow was also a good choice for Pepper Pots.

The story was a strong origin story, updated for today’s climate.  What I liked is something that other reviewers have pointed out:  The terrorists were a band of mercenaries from different countries, with no stated ties to any real groups.  That kept the plot from turning into Rocky IV.

Jon Favreau did a superb job in making the effects not look CGI.  In an interview with Ain’t It Cool News, he mentioned how he worked hard to make the CGI disappear.  For the dogfight, he sent planes up with cameras mounted so that the sun glares on the lenses would show.  The suit was real in many of the shots, with CGI in obvious sequences.

My advice: Solid story, solid casting, solid action — good for even those that do not like superhero movies — See it on the big-screen; I have 3 times and STAY PAST THE CREDITS!!!!

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