Ocean’s 11 (1960)

About 15 years or so ago, I was flipping channels and came across a Sinatra flick on AMC.  It looked fun and it did not disappoint.  I kept catching it halfway through and it took about 7 years before I saw the whole movie.  When I saw Reservoir Dogs, I liked the touch of pulling the end scene of Ocean’s 11 for the opening and closing look.  Then word came out that George Clooney was looking to remake it.  Now I have enjoyed the Clooney version and its sequels, but there is something about the original.

In my review of The Rat Pack, I talked about them filming this in that time frame.  The story is simple and is more of fun ride than a movie.  It has all of the Rat Pack as well as some other great stars.  The twist at the end is one of the best I have seen, particularly in a movie like this.

The DVD has some interesting features, including a segment of the Tonight Show with Sinatra hosting.

My advice:  See what inspired Clooney and his bunch and see what it was like for the Rat Pack…

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