Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle: Extreme Unrated

Back in 2004, a bunch of us in the LabRat program at SAK Comedy Lab would make plans to go to the movies late on Saturday nights after the 10 PM show of The Audition at SAK.  An added bonus was when Spaldy moved to town and joined us.  One weekend, we decided to see Harold & Kumar and left the theater, laughing about it for a couple of weeks.

So fast-forward a few years and I find myself watching the DVD to refresh myself before checking out the sequel.

The plot is simple enough: two guys get stoned, get hungry, head out for food , and run into complications along the way.  What makes this movie good is that the audience genuinely likes both lead characters, because we have been them at some point, having the same fears of life and romance as them.  Of course Neil Patrick Harris playing an extreme version of himself also helped the comedy in the movie.

The DVD was made for the fans — the menu selection scenes contain dialog and jokes specific to the DVD.  It is also packed with a lot of features, including a study on the Art of the Fart.  However, it was released at a time that movies like this were given the “unrated” treatment — for this movie, that means 3 extra seconds of boobs and a couple of extra “F-bombs”.

Is this movie for everyone?

Depends — What is your reaction to the following quote from early in the movie:

“Just because you are hung like a moose does not mean you do porn”

If that amuses the 14-year-old in you, then you are the target audience.

My advice:  If you like a simple story packed with some good laughs and cameos, then spend some time with the boys…

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