Forgetting Sarah Marshall

We have all been there:  madly in love with someone, thinking things are going great, and then…


You are left picking up the broken pieces of your heart as the one you thought loved you casually walks out the door.

Usually Hollywood shows this as the guy dumping the girl; not this time around.  This time around we see the guy getting the shaft, which has been more my experience.

So do I go see this movie by myself?  Nope — I go on a date — but we had fun.  We went over for a Sunday matinee at the AMC Altamonte and settled into our seats just as the trailers were beginning.  Some interesting ones — it was the first time I saw the full Get Smart trailer — I want to see more of that one…

The movie starts off in a way that I am sure my friend, Spaldy, will love:  Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother), with nary a stitch of clothing.  Interestingly enough, we get three different scenes of him in full-frontal, but really nothing of the women, barely a boob.  Anyway, Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) dumps our young, nude hero for some girly-looking rock singer; seriously, Richard Simmons looks more manly.  Segel runs off to Hawaii, where, surprise, he runs into Bell and her girly-man.  What follows is pretty formulaic, but good.  My date and I had a lot of laughs from this one.

My advice:  Don’t miss it amongst all of the summer blockbusters — it’s even a decent date movie, as long as your date is not a prude…

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