Definitely, Maybe

I do not think that there has been any other studio/production company to have as much success in the past 15 years in the romantic comedy movie genre as Studio Canal.  Even when they miss (Wimbeldon), it is not a complete strikeout.  So you can imagine how I felt when I heard they had a new movie coming out.

Of course the studios held this one until Valentine’s Day, but I was not going by myself to see this on Valentine’s Day or the weekend associated with it.  So I waited a week.  I had wanted to see it at Altamonte AMC, but the time was wrong.  So I ended up at the Seminole Towne Center Regal.  I got into my seat as the previews were playing.  I wish I remembered the movies, but I forgot to take notes.  I did see the new Indiana Jones trailer, which was fun.  There were also a couple of other movies that looked decent.

Studio Canal always finds an interesting way to tell the same old story in a new way.  With this movie, we are given Ryan Reynolds as a father having to tell the story of how he met his daughter’s mother…and no, it does not involve Barney or any of the Awesome Gang.  Instead, we hear about the three loves of his life and the stories intertwine while set against the backdrop of the 90’s.  Since Reynolds’s character had big political aspirations, we see the Clinton presidency as part of that backdrop.

I like the casting of Reynolds in this movie.  Even in Van Wilder and Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place, Reynolds has always managed to have some human depth to his characters, so that no matter how much he annoyed you, you still ended up rooting for him.  Abigail Breslin managed to follow-up her role from Little Miss Sunshine as Reynolds’ not-so-annoying daughter.  The casting of the three love interests did a lot to underscore the differences in personalities.

My advice: Go see this one with your favorite someone — it makes a great date movie.  Once again, Studio Canal hits it out of the park…

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