Be Kind, Rewind

Over the years, I have found that Jack Black is a hit-or-miss actor.  When he hits (School of Rock, High Fidelity), it is great; when he misses (Saving Silverman, King Kong), it is not pretty.  So when I see him attached to a movie, particularly a comedy, I am cautiously optimistic.

Which leads us to this movie.

My friend, Spaldy, often talked about this as an idea for a movie, but she never got around to writing it.  I saw the trailer and thought it looked pretty cool.  So one afternoon, I headed up to the theater to check it out.

The premise sold in the trailer is that the videos in a rental store are messed up and they have to remake them.  What the movie is really about is more convoluted and ultimately depressing.  In reality, it is trying to be social commentary when we do not want it.  Even the lawsuit is stupid, since what happened in the movie would be considered parody.  I left the theater just feeling “Blah.”

My advice: catch it on TV; it has some funny moments, but is not worth the big screen treatment.

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