My Fair Lady

So I was headed to Chicago during Super Bowl weekend for a meeting with an organization I am in. I flew up a day early to join Team Disney for a night of dinner and theater. We had planned on seeing My Fair Lady. Well, nature decided that Chicago needed snow and delayed my plane so that I missed everything. Thanks to DKW, MMMD, and SDE for bringing me a playbill.

Well, being bored and wanting to see the show,I did the next best thing — pop in the DVD. Say what you will about movies today; they will never have that magical feel that some from the 60s and 70s have. The picture is brighter; staging elaborate; and more attention to detail is paid. There were no computers to clean things up in post-production, so it had to be right each time. After a film like this has been remastered, it just leaps off of the screen.

The film is wonderful — the songs convey the feelings; the transformation of Audrey Hepburn is the hallmark that all “ugly girl is really pretty after a makeover” movies aspire to be. Superb casting, even for the dubbed singing parts, is on display throughout the 3 hour film. There is even an Intermission and an Entré Act.

The DVD has a 1-hour special that is full of details that I did not know about (dubbed voices) and was as much fun to watch as the film. The other usual suspects for DVD features are on this 2-disc set.

My advice: watch it if you haven’t already and embrace the fact that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

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