Doctor Strange

One of the best partnerships in a while has been the one formed between Marvel and Lionsgate.  It has allowed Marvel to focus on developing animated movies of some of its best heroes.  In previous reviews, I covered the DVDs for Ultimate Avengers and Iron Man.  Doctor Strange now enters the list.

This was a tough one.  Doctor Strange never captured my attention like Spidey or Hulk, so I didn’t know a lot about the character.  I have actually had the DVD for about 6 months and loaded in the player for 5 of them.  Every time I decided to watch it, I fell asleep due to it being late.  I finally chose to watch it one afternoon.

Much like the Iron Man DVD that preceded it, Doctor Strange has a slow pacing.  It is also similar in that it is based in Asian mysticism and an anime drawing style.  There is action, but more of the story is at an intellectual level.

Overall, not a bad DVD. It has the extra features of 5.1 sound, background feature on Doctor Strange, concept art, and a look at the next Marvel animated feature.

My advice: Worth watching — maybe as a double-header with Iron Man. Keep up the good work, Marvel — I can not wait for the next one…

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