Brain Candy (Kids in the Hall)

Lorne Michaels has that ability to find comedic talent and turn it into gold.  Even in down years, his time with SNL is better than the few years they were without him.  In the 90’s, he challenged himself by taking 5 young men under his wing and forming a new comedy troupe.  This troupe would play all of the parts on the show, including the women.  Thus, Kids in the Hall was born.

After 4-5 seasons and countless reruns on Comedy Central, the Kids made a movie.  The movie is built on the story of a drug being developed that allows you to always be happy.  Over the course of the movie, you also see a tale of power corruption, unrequited love, drug company corruption, and Cancer Boy.  Interwoven with the main story are the little snippets of stories of users of the new drugs.

The DVD had no extras, not even a trailer.

My advice: If you like Kids in the Hall, then you will like this movie.  If not or you have not watched them before, then pick a time when you want to watch something quirky.

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