My Fair Lady

So I was headed to Chicago during Super Bowl weekend for a meeting with an organization I am in. I flew up a day early to join Team Disney for a night of dinner and theater. We had planned on seeing My Fair Lady. Well, nature decided that Chicago needed snow and delayed my plane so that I missed everything. Thanks to DKW, MMMD, and SDE for bringing me a playbill.

Well, being bored and wanting to see the show,I did the next best thing — pop in the DVD. Say what you will about movies today; they will never have that magical feel that some from the 60s and 70s have. The picture is brighter; staging elaborate; and more attention to detail is paid. There were no computers to clean things up in post-production, so it had to be right each time. After a film like this has been remastered, it just leaps off of the screen.

The film is wonderful — the songs convey the feelings; the transformation of Audrey Hepburn is the hallmark that all “ugly girl is really pretty after a makeover” movies aspire to be. Superb casting, even for the dubbed singing parts, is on display throughout the 3 hour film. There is even an Intermission and an Entré Act.

The DVD has a 1-hour special that is full of details that I did not know about (dubbed voices) and was as much fun to watch as the film. The other usual suspects for DVD features are on this 2-disc set.

My advice: watch it if you haven’t already and embrace the fact that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

Top 6 Romantic Movies

I had hoped to get this posted before now, but life got in the way.  For this month’s list, I have chosen the topic of romantic movies; I also expanded the list to 6 because I could not narrow the field down anymore than that.  So, grab a date or your special someone (even if they are in Tampa) and enjoy a night of love.

6.  When Harry Met Sally (1989)

”Men and women can’t be friends because the sex gets in the way.”  Fun movie that set the standard for about 10 years until Studio Canal came along.  A lot of truths in there, and it is true, men and women will always have the sex part on the brain.  Harry Connick, Jr., did a great job with the soundtrack.

5.  Sliding Doors (1998)

The first of many offerings from Studio Canal in this genre and one of three entries on this list.  Great editing job and great twist on the alternate path storyline.  I loved seeing both stories unfold simultaneously and then come together at the end.  When watching this movie, remember that no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

4.  Down With Love (2003)

My review of the DVD last year covered most of the points.  Good fun movie to curl up with.

3.  Love Actually (2003)

Ok, I get it — you are tired of seeing this movie mentioned.  Then go watch it already….

2.  Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Another repeat entry on a top x list.  What can I say — good animation is hard to pass up.

1.  Notting Hill (1999)

I love this movie.  For once, it is the woman who is the jackass who has to come crawling back.  Great soundtrack with Elvis Costello’s “She” and beautiful cinematography of London.  This is the supreme romantic movie.