P.S. I Love You

As has been demonstrated with other reviews, I have a high tolerance/liking of “chick flicks.”  However, there are some that I will not go see…..or go see willingly.

Spaldy was in town from LA and I got to spend New Year’s Eve with her.  So what did we do: go to the movies.  She wanted to see PS I Love You and I wanted to spend time with her, so I went to a movie that did not impress me from the trailers.

We settled for a Regal near her house.  I had gotten a free movie ticket using my rewards card at home when my mom and I went to Sweeney Todd, so I chose to use it to cover Spaldy’s ticket.   We went in, grabbed some comfy seats and settled back.  My first bad omen was the lack of good trailers at the beginning of the movie.

Then it started.

Let me sum up my view of the main character:  Take all of the thing I hate from the three women I loved the most (would have been 4, but Vikki’s flaws were not in this character) and make them the things that make up Hillary Swank’s character.  No redeeming qualities for her.  So this does not bode well for the movie.  Overall, a waste of casting and film materials.   I did love the mention of “vampire slayer” given the use of James Marsters in a supporting role, but that did not make up for the whole movie.  Even Spaldy had a lot of issues with it that I am sure she will cover in her whole review.  I was actually more amused that Spaldy had to wake me up in the movie — just like old times…

My advice: RUN, don’t walk, away from any screen about to show this movie.  Only Shrek the Third earned more votes from me as worst movie of 2007…

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