27 Dresses

No matter how many years pass, one always remembers their first , true love.  I don’t just mean the good things, but all of the things: quirks, pet peeves, and events.   This is sometimes good and sometimes bad.  After all, everyone you are with gets judged against that first person, even without us recognizing it.

I remarked in an earlier review this year that the main character had some the things I hated about one of the women I have loved over the years.  I guess Karma is deciding to have fun with me through Hollywood.  But I will get to that in a minute…

So after busting out of a poker game early, I decided to go to the movies instead of waiting around for 2 hours for the next game.  I drove up to the Oveido Marketplace to see what was playing at that time.  27 Dresses started in three minutes, so I chose it.  The theater was packed and I ended up in the third row, looking up at the screen.

27 Dresses focuses on one woman’s efforts to be all she can be while having a crush on her boss and helping everyone she knows with their weddings.  Katherine Heigl stars as our poor, lonely girl that is so sweet and pretty that it is hard to believe that she has not found someone yet.  Until you see how she makes eyes at her boss, who is oblivious.

What follows is a fairly formulaic story from the person who wrote The Devil Wears Prada.  Once again, good casting pulls this movie together.  If you stay in the shallow end of thought, it is a fun movie.  However, the editor needs to be hit over the head.  We have a scene where Heigl talks about her favorite part of a wedding, followed by a scene 10 minutes later where she expresses surprise and tells the SAME character about the SAME favorite part.  That pulled me out of the story.  Directors and Editors have a basic responsibility to watch for things like that.

So why all of that stuff before about a woman I loved?  Well, in watching the movie, I felt like I was watching a 30-something version of her.  Subscription to Bride magazine? Check.  Always reading the announcements? Check.  Always knowing and planning details about weddings? Check.  It was as if I had teleported back to 1991, sitting beside her as she rambled on about some cool wedding thing.  Very eerie…

My advice:  Grab a date and check it out — good date movie; might even score a few points…

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