Sweeney Todd

As you know, my mom is the reason for my love of movies, so it should be no surprise that she and I went to one on Sunday.  Whenever I am around, she will have me go with her when my dad does not want to see something.  Case in Point: Sweeney Todd, a horror musical.

I am not a big fan of blood and gore, as Spaldy would attest to (and tease me about).  I do enjoy watching the efforts of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  So off to the Regency we go.  The Regency is slightly run-down, but it holds many good memories for me: my first date with a girl while watching Ferris Beuller; my first experience with 3-D; and seeing Clash of the Titans first run.  So I cut it a lot of slack for being 26 years old.

Not surprisingly, the theater is fairly empty for the 4:30 show.  We settle down and I agree to help my mom know when to open her eyes after the gory parts are done.

The movie is visually well-done, as I have come to expect from Tim Burton.  Depp and Helena Bonham Carter turn in wonderful performances, with Alan Rickman doing well as usual.  That said, there was no “oomph” factor for me.  The story was ok, the blood expected as well as the singing.  While there was an ending, you are left wondering what was the purpose of telling this particular story.

Am I glad I saw it? Yes.

Will I see it again?  Probably not.

My advice: If you love the people involved and you like gory movies, then definitely see this.  Otherwise, save the money and catch it later.

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