Charlie Wilson’s War

This is a movie I wanted to see, but time was running out in Panama City and I thought I would just have to see it later.  Then my dad called and said “Let’s go see it”  It is rare for my dad to initiate movie-going, so my mom and I were already in the car, warming it up.  This time we headed to the new Carmike, which is an ok theater.  No stadium seating but decent screens.

The movie lived up to the previews.  It is based on a true story and true events.  In an interview my dad heard before the movie, Tom Hanks actually downplayed the character’s liveliness; if that is the case, I can not imagine what the real man is like.  The casting was good, story and pacing was good, and time flew by.  The movie also does well to point out how certain decisions made in the 80’s had an effect on what happened to us this decade.

My advice: Go out and see this movie.  Party affiliation should be left at the door, as they did with the subject matter.

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