The New Animated Adventures of Bat-Man

When I did my review of Looney Tunes: Back in Action, I discussed my Saturday morning ritual cartoon watching.  From 1977-1980, one of my absolute favorites was the Filmation series of Batman cartoons.  So imagine my happiness now to see them released in a box set on DVD.

I bought them the first week out and watched some of the episodes.  While the flaws are more visible to me now, there was a sense of nostalgia  that enveloped me while watching them.  Of course the biggest annoyance then and now was the introduction of Bat-Mite, a poor man’s Great Kazoo.

The key to remember is that this is the Batman of the 70’s — Frank Miller and Tim Burton had not yet created their dark versions of the Dark Knight.  In this series, the villains are shown as buffoons out for some fun.

Not a lot of extras on thise set — Warners did this set cheaply.

My advice:  If you grew up on this, let your inner child out some and catch a couple of episodes…

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