The Bourne Ultimatum

My trilogy of Bourne reviews ends with the one currently playing in theaters.

After spending the afternoon getting caught up, I popped over to the Regal around the corner from my place. I know — you are disappointed that I did not go to AMC, but I just didn’t feel like driving that far.

I got seated as the last preview finished, and it was then that I hit reason #429 as to why I hate Regal — my popcorn was stale and burnt. AMC has much better quality control (as well as better vendors). Then I opened my Buncha-Crunch — big shocker — the candy had been on the shelf for a long time.

Back to the movie….

The new one picks up towards the end of the second one — between his visit to the Russian girl and his phone call to Landy in NY. Thankfully, the director found a way to stabilize the camera more in this one. The main gist of this installment is to finally figure out who made Bourne, what Treadstone was/is, and if Bourne can truly leave that life behind.

The only disappointing part was the great use of Julia Stiles in the first part of the movie, only to be discarded for the second half. I felt that she was under-utilized in the second film, and that there was an unfulfilled promise to the audience for backstory in the third movie (the audience has to assume that something happened).

My advice: See it on the big screen. It is a satisfying end to the trilogy and is one of the more intelligent action flicks out there….

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