The Amazing Story of Superman

With the release of Superman Returns on DVD, Warner Brothers decided to make up a special set, similar to what they did with the Alien series and The Matrix series.  In a nice metal tin, all of the Christopher Reeves’ Superman movies, Superman Returns, and bonus discs were included.  One of the bonus disc contained a documentary made 6 months prior to coincide with the release of Superman Returns in theaters.

The Amazing Story of Superman is not just another piece of PR fluff.  It is a fairly well-done documentary chronicling the beginnings of Superman in comics, TV, movies, and American culture.  Kevin Spacey does great job as narrator, taking us through the time periods  as easily as if he were telling us tales of his childhood.  While I knew most of the big facts, there were several nuggets that surprised me.

My advice: Look for this documentary on cable or find it on DVD.  A must-see for anyone who has enjoyed any of these movies, TV shows, or comics.

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